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Guide to Colts and Parents - 2021 Summer Season
  1. Applications for Colt membership can only be accepted on the recommendation of the relevant team manager. Phone numbers of team managers are in the fixture card which will be issued before the start of the playing season.

  2. Junior memberships are £100 for ages School Year 1 to School Year 3, £140 for ages School Year 4 to School Year 10. This should be paid by cheque made payable to Chorleywood Cricket Club Ltd or bank transfer – Natwest, sort code 52-21-27, account number 25291084, please make sure your child's full name is given as a reference. (Please note that winter training is not included in the summer subcription).

  3. Selection for matches will be on the basis of team requirements, ability, attendance and performance at practices.

  4. Whites are to be worn including white cricket shoes/boots or white trainers for all Club matches. Comfortable, properly studded shoes/boots are advisable for secure grip otherwise fast reactions
    and concentration are adversely affected. Branded club shirts are available for purchase from
    www.tylers-sportswear.co.uk, they have our club shop. Caps are available from Patrick Ryan.

  5. Players must provide their own Protector and to always wear it for batting and wicketkeeping in both matches and practice sessions.

    a) If you get your own bat do not buy one that is too heavy or big. Select it with a comfortable pick-up with your top hand only where the top of the handle will rest on the inside thigh.

  6. The ECB has issued a Safety Guidance notice. This recommends that all players under the age of 18 years, i.e. up to their eighteenth birthday, should wear a helmet when batting and fielding close to the wicket. In addition, the wicketkeeper when standing up to the wicket should also wear a helmet. ALL Chorleywood Colts will follow this Safety Guidance notice in full.

  7. Punctuality for matches and practices is vital.

  8. All players play at their own risk.

  9. Always listen carefully to what the team managers and coaches tell you. They are there to help you. Read the Fixture Card and any Notes or Newsletters you are given and keep them handy for ready reference.

  10. Parents are expected to help with both transport and supervision. Without their help, it is not possible to run an efficient and successful Colts section.

  11. All Colts should give early notice of unavailability for matches and, if selected, at least two days notice if they are unable to play.

  12. Various awards are made at the end of the season to players who have performed well on the field of play and been good Club members. When we have Awards Evenings, Colts and parents are expected to attend and support the club.

  13. If your membership subscription is not paid you cease to be a Club member and will no longer be considered for match selection or allowed attend practices. This is to be fair to those who have paid their subs.

  14. Members are encouraged to play hard, practice hard and above all enjoy the game of cricket.

  15. If you have any questions, contact Patrick Ryan, the Colts Chairman, on 07785 773258 or the relevant team managers whose telephone numbers appear in the Fixture Card which is distributed before the start of the competitive season or go to the website.

  16. We do look for a commitment to the Club from parents and colts. We play in the Hertfordshire League and it is essential that we are able to field our best teams in league games. Please study the fixture card when it is published. Then organise your homework and other activities so that you are available for practice and games. Parents can help the managers tremendously in this respect. The most motivated Colts are invariably those who have good parental support.

  17. Patrick Ryan
    Colts Chairman
    Email: Patrick Ryan

    Please note: If Senior Colts U13 to U15 are asked to play for 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI or Sunday XI matches, they must pay a £5.00 match fee to the team captain on the day. All U13 Colts that are asked to play adult cricket must have a Young Player consent form completed and returned to the Club before playing.